The Music

The stage and crowd moved with the sound,
The music pulsing through the ground –
The voice, the guitar, drums and base,
Mixing subtly, interlaced
With all the feeling of the song,
And all behind it – all nights long
Of finding true its notes and chords
And melody, all soaring towards
The goal, in all its mystery,
Joined through by lyrics’ poetry.
And layers more that lay behind
The music – set free as it binds –
These layers from times long before,
With surface lost and inside pure,
With pain and ache and joy and hope,
All intertwined in the same rope,
To push and pull, climb and repel,
Maneuvering the ancient bell,
So maybe a slight sound would toll
Barely heard and fully whole.
And all of this was covered slight
In mirrored, striving, aural light,
For all of it was in the beat
Of stage, crowd, heart – as pulses meet.


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