Boy Meets World

“Did you see the name card of the girl sitting next to you?” asked Andy excitedly as he and Cory walked down the hall.

“No,” answered Cory absentmindedly.

“Topanga.” Andy smiled as he spoke. “Like on that show, Boy Meets World.”

Cory furrowed his brow. “Never saw it.”

“Really? It’s about a kid named Cory, and he falls in love with a girl named Topanga. Just like you.”

“Come on,” said Cory dismissively, not sure whether or not Andy was kidding.

“Your Topanga even looks a little like the character on the show. You do too, come to think of it. Oh, I wish my name was Shawn right now. Anyway, you need to talk to her next class. Her name’s the perfect conversation starter.”

“I don’t know. She seemed kind of annoying.”

“Oh, everyone always seems kind of something to you,” said Andy. “Anyway, Cory didn’t like Topanga at first on the show either.”

“Let’s talk about something else,” said Cory, but he saw that Andy was still smiling, and something about it was a little unnerving.


The next day Cory arrived at class early, but he saw that Andy and the girl were already there anyway, sitting one seat apart. He dropped his shoulders and gave Andy an angry glance as he walked toward the open seat. Then he resignedly sat down.

“Talk to her,” whispered Andy after a moment. “Come on.”

Cory shook his head. “She’s probably never seen the show either.”

“Her name’s Topanga – I’m sure she’s seen it.”

“Sorry, did someone say my name,” asked the girl politely.

“His name’s Cory,” said Andy, pointing happily.

Topanga smiled brightly, so that her face was very different from what it had just been. “I’ve never met a Cory before. Always wanted to.”

“I’ve never seen the show,” said Cory shortly, and he tried to look away. But as he did he found himself imagining the girl’s face, and how warmly it had smiled, and how it was probably frowning now, and so he looked back toward her, and he thought that maybe she wasn’t annoying after all.

“I’m sure it’s a very good show though,” he added.


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