Spring Cleaning

Here’s another story based on words from the CreativtiyGames.net Random Word Generator. The words this time are ‘bib’ and ‘pants.’


Gary crawled slowly through the cramped attic, staring at the colorless boxes scattered about the floor and mumbling quietly. It was fine Regina wanted to do a spring cleaning, he thought to himself, but the attic was beyond hope. And today was his day off, whatever that meant anymore. He began to turn back toward the stairs, awkwardly spinning himself around on his knee like a one-man carousel.

As he spun Gary came across what looked like a discolored circle in the wood floor, but as his palm pressed against it he felt it soft and warm. So he stopped and slowly lifted and turned over the circle, and he saw it was a bib, small and dust-covered, with smiling blue bunnies dancing in a ring around its stained white center. He stared at it for a moment, stared at this thing that was too old even for his memory, and then he looked next to it and saw a cardboard box with his name written on the side. So he crawled up to the box and carefully opened its flaps, watching its dust rise up like steam, and then he looked inside and saw shirts and pants, and they were all so small and fragile. Each was no bigger than his hand, he realized, and he looked at his hand, bony and calloused and sprawling, and tried to remember if it hadn’t always been that way.

At some point he gently lifted the bib and placed it atop the other clothes before shutting the box again. Then he gazed longingly and hopefully at the dust that now covered his hands, before shuffling from the room and down the stairs.

It was a good spring cleaning, he decided.


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