Distant Star

Somewhere deep in endless space

That spreads like a cold, empty face

Whose care and closeness time had stole,

There was a star – a lighted whole.

A star grasped and surrounded by

An envelope of thick dust nigh,

So that all its light was blocked

From anything beyond it’s locked

And small and unknown little place

That wrapped around it like a brace.

Sad wonder how the closed star felt,

Its light cut off by dust’s cruel belt,

Until at last it reached that day

When the dust cloud went away

For reasons no one yet could know

Or understand – this freed echo.

The cloud reformed quickly in time –

The first cloud’s returned, stifled rhyme –

Though while the wall was gone the light

The star shone broke free past its night,

And on it traveled, always born

For years innumerable, unformed.

And at the same time as it ran,

There was a distant, wondrous land –

A place so wondrous it must be –

Where a small rock was coming free

Of its own star, and spinning ‘round,

And finding order, cooling down,

until its primordial bell

Found sound, found music – life to tell.

And this life climbed along its scale

In notes rough and soothed, sad and hale –

In all the chords that life reveals,

All it wishes, all it feels.

And then one day the far light came

To this world – to this mystic aim,

It arrived in a single dot

Almost hidden, almost not,

As everyone looked down and far

From that night’s momentary star.

Except for one old, lonely man

Who stared at the sky, held its hand,

And as he stared he saw the star

And said “I’ve not seen that before.”

He smiled then, and felt it rough

And true through his face wrinkled tough,

And suddenly the world was young,

The dust was gone, the man was one.

While somewhere in its far off cove,

The clouded star knew still it wove

Through space, through dark, through things unknown,

Each place a day – all time on loan,

Just as the old man knew the same,

So light met light in unknown flame.

As it had each day before,

And as it would for each day more.


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