I used the Random Word Generator at CreativityGames.net for this story too. The words were ‘lamp’ and ‘pyramid.’


Lynn sat hunched in her room, staring tiredly at the pyramid base of the desk lamp in the corner. At its long, smooth, sturdy lines, and at the way they rose ever higher until they reached the bright, uppermost point that held them like a sun holding its rays. And as she stared it was almost as if she were back there, back digging and discovering under the big pyramids’ shadows, holding the past’s hand and letting it lead her.

So she continued to gaze, until in her tiredness the lamp faded and skewed and became very large. Then, her eyes drooping more, Lynn had the impression she was standing under the towering lamp, digging into the wood grain of her desk. And she reached her small-large hand toward the grain, to brush it away and reveal its treasure, but as she did she felt a small rush come to her so that her eyes opened fully, and she pulled her hand away.

She slowly looked around then, gradually moving her gaze from the lamp and the desk to the farther-off half-lit shapes that filled much of the room. Eventually her eyes reached the bed, where her husband still slept soundly, his thick, light-brown hair curving around the pillow softly and deferentially. Lynn stared at him for a moment, observing how much brighter he was than everything around him, before quietly standing and tiptoeing down the hall to the small bed where Sophia slept. And she watched Sophia too, watched the way her young, pale face picked up the light of her nightlight and glowed through the dark like a gentle wish.

Eventually Lynn walked back to her room, and she was more awake than before so that she brushed her fingers over the wind-like grain of the desk and felt it smooth and warm and strong. Then she carefully turned off the lamp and shuffled to bed.


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